What is Debt Financing

Insights on venture debt.

Author: Wendy Jarchow

Three Flexible Debt Financing Advantages for SaaS Companies

We recently explored four strategic reasons why companies take on debt as opposed to other forms of financing, like equity financing or bank loans, debt financing provides a financial foundation for SaaS companies to achieve certain goals. These were situational and relative to where SaaS companies stood in their growth journey. Here, we’ll explore three …Read More

Four Reasons Why Companies Take on Debt

Wait, Isn’t Debt a Bad Thing? You’re borrowing money that has to be repaid. You also have to pay interest on that debt, resulting in having to pay back more than what was borrowed in the first place. This can’t be a good thing! So why would companies take on debt when those funds could …Read More

What Are the Real Uses and Benefits of Debt Financing?

Venture debt financing is a strategic part of a growing SaaS company’s financial arsenal. Practical and useful for young businesses as well as those with annual revenues well into the millions, the benefits of debt financing extend well beyond just being a source of funding for growth. They include flexibility and options — benefits that …Read More

How to Scale a SaaS Company with Debt Financing

Debt Financing Should Be Used for Growth If you’re researching how to grow a SaaS company, particularly during the scaling stage, you’re going to come across a lot of recommendations and financing options. These include everything from bank loans and debt financing to angel investors and venture capital sponsorship. You may have even obtained funding …Read More

Ramping Up Your SaaS Marketing Strategy for Growth

As a scaling SaaS business, you may have come to a point where your current SaaS marketing strategy needs to be revisited. Maybe everything you’ve done up to this point has plateaued. Maybe they aren’t moving the needle fast enough. Or you haven’t been able to dedicate the resources to invest in marketing. Whatever the …Read More

Maintaining and Strengthening Your SaaS Competitive Advantage

In a recent post on SaaS growth strategies, we discussed something significant that influences SaaS conversion rates: your market position and competitive advantages. We need to be careful here — we could easily write forever on this topic. But, we have SaaS companies to help grow, and you have a company to focus on growing, …Read More

Why SaaS Customer Retention is More Important Than Ever

Retention is More Successful — and Less Expensive — Than Acquisition The cost to acquire new customers is exactly that: costly. Advertising, pay per click, social media marketing, and more all require budgets, and often, growing companies simply don’t have the resources to support those initiatives in their SaaS growth strategies. If they do, it …Read More

River SaaS Capital Invests in E-Commerce Software Provider Etail Solutions

Westlake, OH – River SaaS Capital, a private venture debt fund lending growth capital to Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, announced that it has provided non-dilutive capital to Etail Solutions, an e-commerce software partner for online retailers. Etail plans to use the proceeds to add key sales and marketing personnel and accelerate their market penetration. …Read More