DFO/Partner Report


Are company founders aligned with their SaaS partners and channel partners? Download our latest report to find out.

Our latest industry research report explores how SaaS partners and channel partners such as attorneys, insurers, growth advisors, accountants, and others perceived their clients’ funding and growth strategies throughout 2023 — and what they have in store for the year ahead. Alignment between founders and their trusted partners is key, and this report reveals how both are thinking about the future.

What’s Inside the Report 

Our report is divided into five key sections:

2023 Funding Background

Learn how partners viewed their clients’ funding strategy and whether it held value for them.

Market Challenges

What impacted partners’ clients as they pursued their growth goals? Learn what inhibited growth (or didn’t).

Funding Challenges

Explore what partners identified as the roadblocks to success for their SaaS clients and why.

Capital Uses

Were partners and founders aligned on how capital should be used? Discover partners’ perspectives.

Future Plans

What will the road ahead look like, and are partners and founders aligned on what the goals should be?

Get Your Copy Now and Learn What SaaS Partners Said in Response to Key Questions Such As 

Which funding sources have proven the most valuable or useful?

What challenges have your clients faced regarding funding sources?

What do you believe will be a key challenge for your clients in 2024?

What are your top considerations when evaluating the best funding opportunities? 

Let’s Work Together to Help Your Clients Succeed

As a SaaS partner or channel partner, your clients seek your input and guidance on funding, business strategy, operational matters, and much more. You want success just as much as they do, and at River SaaS Capital, we offer the growth capital solutions needed to make that success possible. With a variety of flexible venture debt options as well as equity funding, we can partner with you and your clients — while keeping them firmly in control.