How to Get Debt Financing

how to get debt financing

Get Debt Financing for Your Startup

One of our key differentiators from our SaaS debt financing counterparts is that we offer funding earlier in the growth process. All of our partnerships are founded on a relationship-first approach based on establishing trust, sharing our industry expertise, and actively listening to your business’ unique needs.

This approach allows us to structure a custom deal that matches how your business runs — including the timeline of your revenue stream, your overall vision and goals, and business strategy. Learn more about the five steps to get funding for your startup below.

How to Get Debt Financing from River SaaS Capital

Checking Your Eligibility

Our ideal partners are SaaS companies with Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) of at least $150k and strong customer retention rates. One of the benefits of our multi-stage flexible funding solutions is that we don’t require current profitability or institutional venture capital sponsorship when considering a company’s eligibility for funding.

Applying Online

If your company meets the above requirements, you can start the process by completing a quick online application. Please note that because of the uniqueness of our model, companies must meet certain requirements to ensure that our financing solutions are the right fit. Reviewing your application will help us make an initial assumption as to whether or not we’re the best growth partner for you.

Qualifying New Borrowers

Our experienced investment team will lead you through the due diligence process to ensure your eligibility. We will get to know your business, including your vision and strategy, throughout this process so we can create a deal that fits your needs if your company is qualified for our SaaS loans.

Structuring a Deal That Works for You

River SaaS lends growth capital to qualified new borrowers to help them reach value-driving milestones. Initial funds are usually structured as 36- or 48-month term loans with principal and interest paid monthly. Our flexible approach means that alternatives are also available depending on your priorities and specific business model, including interest-only for a period of time, and step-up structures increasing the payment as the company scales. Initial check sizes are $500K to $2M, but we can invest up to $5M in any one borrower.

Growing Together Over Time

As our partnership grows along with your business, we pride ourselves on being able to lend up to $5M of either debt or equity to established borrowers. The nature of our relationship can change over time to suit your business as it grows and your needs change. For an example of this, check out our case study with Banyan Technology.

Still wondering how to get debt financing for your SaaS company?

Complete our quick online application today to see if River SaaS Capital’s fast and flexible venture debt funding solutions are right for your business.

Seed Stage Companies

Seed stage companies are generally pre-revenue or are not generating enough monthly recurring revenue (MRR) to qualify for venture debt.

But if you are generating at least some MRR and showing signs of product/market fit, we would love to talk about how we can help.

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Growth Stage Companies

Grow your business aggressively, while preserving your ownership stake in the process.

Have you achieved product/market fit and accelerating growth? Find out how our financing solutions can help you continue to grow, extend your runway or allow you some financial flexibility.

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Scaling Companies

Use our financing solutions to overcome growth plateaus to take your business to the next level.

As you continue to scale your business, find out how a partnership with River SaaS can help you enter new markets, onboard critical talent or expand your sales and marketing efforts.

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