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Responding to the demands of growth.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies with monthly and annual subscription fees have great long-term potential, but their model also creates significant cash flow challenges. SaaS businesses incur expenses today to make sales that translate into revenue in the future. This can create a real cash crunch, leading to the need for SaaS funding. That’s where River SaaS Capital comes in.

Traditional banks resist lending to SaaS businesses because they often lack the required collateral assets or balance sheets. Equity financing is an option, but high-margin SaaS companies may be reluctant to give up large percentages of ownership to investors. Our SaaS funding options hit the sweet spot, providing a way to grow aggressively without giving up equity in your company.

A recent survey of SaaS companies with annual revenue under $5M found that 27% are using some form of debt financing.

“We have a long-standing relationship with the principals of River SaaS Capital and they understand our business and growth objectives wholly. They are not just capital providers, but our business partners who deliver flexible funding strategies and operational expertise.”

Brian Smith CEO, Banyan Technologies

Funding Solutions

How we help

With flexible funding solutions and a partnership approach, River SaaS Capital (RSC) lends on terms that are agreeable to you, without taking an ownership position in your business. We often fund companies who are earlier in their growth cycle than our counterparts and we also back companies that lack institutional venture capital sponsorship.

Who we finance

RSC looks for borrowers growing a SaaS company with solid Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) or Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) numbers and good customer retention rates. Current profitability is not required.

How it works

Typically RSC lends between $500K–$1M to qualified new borrowers but has the flexibility to lend up to $4M to established borrowers. Funds are most often structured as 36- or 48-month term loans with principal and interest paid monthly, but alternatives are available, including revenue sharing on post-investment earnings.

Find out if Debt Financing is right for you.

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Advantages of venture debt

Flexible SaaS Funding Solutions

Borrowers can receive tranches from the committed loan amount on a scheduled basis to avoid paying interest on the entirety of the loan.

Easy Application Process

Our application process is designed to grant access to capital faster than other SaaS funding options.

Limited Financial Risk

Our repayment terms scale to the financial growth of your company.

No Exit Strategy Required

River SaaS Capital does not require a strategy for your SaaS company to be acquired in order to qualify for capital.

No Ownership Dilution

River SaaS Capital lends on terms that are agreeable and does not take an ownership position in your company.

Re-Borrow Against Principal

Our flexible lending allows clients to re-borrow paid principal, offering a truly flexible form of SaaS funding.

At River SaaS Capital, our goal is to help our clients grow. Cash is only one piece of the puzzle. Our team has years of experience in business development, operations and management of successful businesses — experience we bring to bear with each one of our SaaS clients.

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