SaaS Venture Debt Criteria

Flexible SaaS Venture Debt Designed for You

Venture debt financing from River SaaS Capital is designed to support your success from the beginning of our relationship to the day you decide to pursue other solutions or exit. Whether you’re looking to accelerate your sales and marketing efforts or are considering debt funding for another strategic purpose, we offer the terms and flexibility you need to achieve your growth goals.

Our SaaS Venture Debt Criteria


Eligibility U.S. companies only, B2B SaaS business model
Minimum MRR $150K or $1.5M ARR 
Loan Amounts $500K – $1.5M (flexibility up to $5M)
Repayment Terms Typically 36–48 months, P&I monthly
Lending Types • Standard installment loan

• Interest-only

• Step-up structure

Fees No fees on most structures
Focus Areas High-growth, early-stage B2B SaaS businesses in the U.S.
Warrant Policy • RSC does not accept warrants (learn more)

• Covenants may be required

Loan Benefits • Previous investment not required

• Can be used alongside existing equity investment

• Profitability and an exit strategy are not required

• Tranche options available

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