insights on venture debt

Insights on venture debt.

Private Equity vs Debt Financing in 2024

2023 marked another declining year for venture capital deals, both in the number of deals made and the dollars invested. With the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank, recession fears, high interest rates, and geo-political uncertainties, fundraising for SaaS companies was even more challenging last year than in 2022, and the continued decline of deals …Read More

Equity Financing and Debt Financing: A Strategic Duo for SaaS Companies

For SaaS companies and their invested parties — attorneys, CPAs, growth advisors, and more — finding the right funding to support swift, sustainable growth can prove difficult in the current funding marketplace of bank loans, equity financing and debt financing.  2023 has witnessed hiking interest rates and the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank, which …Read More

Fueling SaaS Growth with Hybrid Financing

The SaaS market is shifting, and so is its funding. Venture capital deals are steadily slowing, and competition for funding has grown fierce, particularly for startups. Bank loans have historically been difficult for companies to obtain without reaching certain milestones first, and the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank earlier this year left many weary of …Read More