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From cybersecurity for SaaS companies to in-depth explorations of key growth capital topics, our SaaS webinars connect you with industry professionals that have decades of expertise. Explore our SaaS webinars below and sign up for upcoming sessions. Past webinars will be made available to watch online. If you’d like to request a topic, please reach out to us.

Upcoming & Past SaaS Webinars

Cybersecurity for Startups, Part 1: Why Should I Care About Security?

As a founder or startup CEO, your days are filled with challenges, and you’re constantly forced to choose between multiple high-priority areas to spend your time. While no one would say security isn’t important, it can often be moved to the back of the list behind landing customers, improving your product, and managing cash flow. In this session, MRK Tech discusses when security does become a top priority for startups, how it can help you to land new customers, and when it can cost you a deal.

  • Learn how good security practices can win new clients
  • Learn when a startup should begin to prioritize security
  • Learn what early security efforts typically look like

Cybersecurity for Startups, Part 2: What to Do If You Get Breached

In this session, MRK Tech discusses when security does become a top priority for startups: when a breach occurs. Believe it or not, it’s not a matter of if but when — any company can suffer a security breach. Unfortunately, for a startup this can be enough to stop your promising business before it even gets off the ground! MRK will outline best practices for handling an incident to ensure your customers stay happy, your costs are manageable, and your business survives.

  • Learn what a breach experience is likely to be like
  • Learn techniques for preparing for a potential incident
  • Learn key actions to take during an incident to reduce the impact on your business

Upcoming & Past SaaS Podcasts

Smart Business Dealmakers Podcast

Chief Investment Officer Wendy Jarchow discusses how River SaaS Capital’s 2020 played out, what the firm’s survey of its portfolio companies told her about how they adjusted to the pandemic’s challenges, and what she expects from its target sector this year.

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