Founder Report


70% of surveyed companies reported growth in 2023.

2023 presented a range of unique challenges for SaaS companies, from supply chain problems and inflation to bank funding weariness and slow equity deals. Still — growth persisted. We surveyed SaaS founders to explore their experiences, growth, and challenges in 2023 and their perspectives on what’s on the horizon for 2024.

Inside the Report 

Our report is divided into five key sections: 

2023 Funding Background

Market Challenges

Funding Challenges

Capital Uses

Future Plans

SaaS founders broke down their funding goals for 2023 and 2024, as well as the types of sales and marketing efforts they funded. They also shared how they combatted challenges like supply chain disparities and labor issues to support their growth. 

Download our guide to explore key industry insights from real SaaS founders and explore questions like: 

Which funding sources have proven the most valuable or useful?

What challenges have you faced with regard to funding sources?

What do you believe will be a key success factor in 2023?

What are your top considerations when evaluating the best funding opportunities? 

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