What is Venture Debt — and How Can You Leverage it to Fuel Growth?

what is venture debt

What is venture debt, and why has it risen to popularity? As equity deals continue to dwindle and companies seek alternatives to bank loans, many turn to venture debt as their strategic funding mechanism of choice. This fast, flexible option enables companies to borrow money from a lender and repay it based on a plan best suited to their needs. Due to its speed to impact and tailored nature, it’s a key sparker of growth and can accelerate a SaaS company’s trajectory so they enjoy swift, sustainable scaling.

For founders, CPAs, investors, attorneys, and other interested parties dedicated to helping SaaS companies grow, venture debt is a prime consideration. Learn more about this solution, what advantages it offers, and how you can leverage it. 

What is Venture Debt?

Venture debt enables borrowers to take out loans to secure funding and repay them based on the plan the borrower and lender formulate. At River SaaS, we tailor our funding options to best serve our borrowers, including traditional installment loans with principal and interest repayments in tandem, as well as interest-only options that enable borrowers to reinvest more of their earnings back into the business and pay only interest to start. We also offer step-up financing structures where companies can start with smaller payments that scale as the borrower scales, based on defined terms ahead of time so your SaaS client knows exactly what to expect. 

This solution serves as a key alternative to other financing methods because it’s a non-dilutive option that remains startup-friendly. While equity can be used by early-stage SaaS companies, the deals these companies can get often include larger equity losses, which can be a concern for many. Institutional investors are less startup-friendly and often have strict criteria that must be met, but don’t come with the same equity loss challenges of venture capital funding. 

Venture debt avoids both challenges. It’s designed to welcome startups and to continue supporting a borrower’s growth for years to come due to its adaptability and flexibility. With the right partner, it will never include any equity loss or warrants that would allow the lender to purchase shares down the line, but it can pair with existing or future equity financing by helping companies manage their equity dilution and helping them scale ahead of raise rounds to be more competitive. 

Venture debt comes with an array of key advantages that make it the ideal choice for growing a SaaS company. 

Venture Debt Advantages


Venture debt is swiftly accessible, helping your clients maximize their acceleration and get ahead of the competition. When your clients have key growth initiatives they want to enact, venture debt equips them with the tools they need to grow now without delay. 


Venture debt offers flexible repayment options and can be used in the ways most strategic to your clients. Whether they want to focus on marketing or sales in the year ahead, or they want to build out their product offering further, venture debt is designed to adapt to the needs your clients have so they can feel supported on their unique growth journey. 


With the right partner, your SaaS clients can enjoy more than just money from their venture debt agreements. At River SaaS, our expert team offers key growth insights and GtM strategies. This delivers more value to your clients and ensures they’re prepared for success with the ample resources we have available. 

What is Venture Debt? The Best Choice to Fuel Growth.

Determining which funding mechanism is best for your client can feel challenging, but venture debt comes out on top when you weigh the advantages of it and its alternatives. 

Though equity is a popular choice, the drying-up deals have made it difficult for SaaS companies to access adequate funding, especially if these companies are still in their early stages. Equity can also take much longer to reach the hands of your clients, slowing down their growth when it matters most: now. Institutional funding offers an alternative, but it has more barriers to entry for earlier companies, and some SaaS companies may still feel weary after the Silicon Valley Bank collapse earlier this year. 

Venture debt is a reliable option equipped to support growing SaaS companies at every stage. When you partner with River SaaS for venture debt, you can count on swift funding tailored to your clients’ precise needs to maximize their growth in the year ahead.

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