Finding and Funding Your Ideal SaaS Marketing Strategy

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As the SaaS world continues to evolve, a SaaS marketing strategy is key to growing your customer base and strengthening the loyalty of your current customers. Despite the hurdles 2024 presents, growth is possible. Companies that bolstered their SaaS marketing and sales efforts in the last few years saw strong growth compared to those that didn’t. This showcases the powerful impact these efforts have on keeping companies resilient through market challenges like the continued decline of venture capital deals and the effects of inflation.

Read on to learn more about how to find the right SaaS marketing strategies for your business — and how to best fund them. 

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Finding the Right SaaS Marketing Strategy 

In our 2023 market report, 40% of SaaS founders shared that marketing was a key focus for their growth, and 60% believed that expanding their marketing efforts would be vital for their growth in the year ahead. From search engine optimization (SEO) to trade show marketing to paid advertising, SaaS companies have a wide array of opportunities to grow the presence of their business and appeal to customers. 

Finding the right marketing method for your business is specialized to the industries you serve and the unique way you connect with your users. Some strategic SaaS marketing efforts include:

Inbound Marketing

By 2025, it’s estimated that 80% of B2B business transactions will be online. Inbound marketing allows you to reach your customers where they are by increasing your performance in organic search with blog and web content. When you fight for your product to appear within the top search results organically, you can reach your customers more quickly and consistently. 

Paid Search 

Paid search offers a strategic opportunity to pay search engines to position your website at the top for specific keywords relevant to your audience. This can bring more attention to your website and guarantee your product is one of the first things they see when seeking solutions for their business. 

Trade Show Marketing

Trade shows pose a prime SaaS marketing opportunity for your business to leverage, and were the most popular marketing method of choice in our report. In industry-focused trade shows, you can connect directly with your target market and use key marketing materials to make a powerful impression. 

AI Marketing and Automation

As AI continues to grow in demand and use, SaaS companies can use it to level up their software and their marketing efforts. Whether you want to automate your marketing emails or you’ve woven AI into your software and need to market this upgrade to consumers, AI is predicted to be a key focus in 2024. Finding ways to leverage it to connect with your audience and to support your business can help you use these tools more effectively. 

Whether you choose one of these options to laser in on or determine that a multi-faceted marketing strategy is best for your goals, each option requires swift execution and smart funding to make a real impact.

Funding SaaS Marketing Efforts Strategically

In 2024, the funding landscape for SaaS companies is complex, but one opportunity stands out as a way to secure flexible and fast funding so you can enact your marketing initiatives without delay.

Bank loans remain difficult for newer SaaS companies to obtain, and after the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and the report of more than 100 banks at risk of collapsing due to rising interest rates, many SaaS founders are wary of choosing this as a central funding mechanism. Though some hope looms for venture capital deals in the year ahead, deals are still increasingly competitive to obtain due to the hyper-competitiveness and the record decline of deal activity in recent years.

Venture debt offers a strategic option to provide streamlined funding tailored to your needs. With this option, founders can borrow a sum of money to support their growth initiatives, and then repay it with a funding plan that best suits their needs. For SaaS marketing initiatives, this funding mechanism is ideal: it’s fast and flexible, designed to get the money into your hands faster. This allows you to put your marketing methods of choice into action without delay and reap the benefits of their impact sooner. 

With the right partner on your side, you can carry out your SaaS marketing goals more quickly and set the foundation for a strong growth year in 2024 and beyond.

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