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River SaaS Capital provides flexible equity financing solutions for US-based B2B SaaS companies.
With our extensive experience in offering venture debt, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the SaaS industry. River SaaS Capital is committed to nurturing the growth and success of SaaS businesses that stand at the forefront of technological innovation and solutions. 

TruWest Fund I, A River SaaS Capital Equity Fund

Our equity fund (TruWest Fund I) serves as a continuum of capital for high potential US-based B2B SaaS companies in our venture debt portfolio.

Fund Consideration Criteria

B2B SaaS Business Model

US Based

$1.5M ARR

We are your partner at every stage.

The organizations within our venture debt portfolio serve as the base for our equity fund. Each investment in our venture debt portfolio can pursue equity funding with us to accelerate long-term growth.

We want to provide stage appropriate funding for your business.


Our investment strategy includes venture debt and the option for equity funding to provide a more comprehensive array of financial and strategic support to high-potential SaaS companies.

We provide strategic insights, resources, guidance and support as you progress on your growth journey towards market leadership and operational excellence.

TruWest Fund I Team


Michael Kennedy

Chairman, TruWest Holdings

Mike Kennedy is chairman of TruWest Holdings, the parent organization of River Capital Finance, River SaaS Capital, TRG and Inversion6. He began his business career with the Burroughs Corporation (now Unisys), before co-founding L.D.I. Corporation, a computer distributor and leasing company that grew to $75 million in sales by 1987, when it went public.

Under Mike’s leadership as president and COO, L.D.I. increased sales to $350 million by 1994, when it was acquired by NationsBank. Prior to the sale, he led a management buyout of several company divisions to form a new company called MRK Technologies (now Inversion6). In 2000, Mike expanded again with the formation of MRK Leasing, later rebranding as River Capital Finance.


Matthew Kennedy

President, River Capital Finance; Co-Managing Member, TruWest Companies

Matt is president of River SaaS Capital’s parent company, River Capital Finance and Co-Managing Member of TruWest Companies, the parent organization of River Capital Finance. In these roles, he is responsible for the development and implementation of high-level strategic sales plans to drive revenue and ultimately increase market share.

Matt founded River SaaS Capital to help founders grow their dreams while protecting their ownership.


Sean Kennedy

President, TRG; Co-Managing Member, TruWest Holdings

Sean is the president of TRG and co-managing member of TruWest Holdings, the parent organization of TRG and River SaaS Capital. TRG is a leading global managed services provider with a more than 20-year history leading endpoint management. With six locations across the globe, TRG serves more than 5,000 customers across 50+ countries.

Sean founded TRG to help organizations with their enterprise technology, industrial mobility and retail payment solutions and drive their operational uptime.

Wendy Jarchow

Wendy Jarchow

Chief Investment Officer, River SaaS Capital

Wendy is Chief Investment Officer of River SaaS Capital. She leads the company’s due diligence and lending activities to help growing SaaS businesses fund their growth plans with non-dilutive capital and manages the company’s portfolio of loans.

Wendy has over 20 years of experience working at large financial institutions and venture funds where she has held diverse business roles, including business development, risk management, access to capital through venture investing, and strategic planning and implementation. Prior to joining River SaaS Capital in June 2016, Wendy was a Venture Partner at JumpStart, a Northeast Ohio Venture Development Organization where she assisted client companies with developing funding strategies and secured capital for both start-ups and scaleup businesses.

Joe Granzier

Joe Granzier

Chief Development Officer, River SaaS Capital

Joe is Chief Development Officer of River SaaS Capital. He manages River SaaS Capital’s investor relations and devises strategies for fund growth.

Before joining River SaaS, Joe spent over 30 years in high-net worth portfolio management, corporate retirement plan consulting and education funding strategies. He has worked for both public financial conglomerates as well as smaller boutique investment firms and has been a participant in the esteemed Securities Institute Association (SIA) at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

Joe holds multiple industry licenses (6, 66, 7, life, health, LTC) and is a certified Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF).


Ashley Smith

VP of Investments, River SaaS Capital

Ashley is an experienced investment professional with a history of working in Venture Capital, Investment Banking and Private Equity. She joined River SaaS Capital in April 2023 as VP of Investments where she is responsible for deal flow, deal execution and portfolio management.

Before joining River SaaS Capital, Ashley was a Partner at a Private Equity firm, ScaleCo Capital. She also spent over 7 years as a Principal in Venture Capital at JumpStart Ventures, where she focused on Seed and Series A investments in software and healthcare businesses.

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