Revenue-Based Financing for SaaS Companies

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Why Choose River SaaS?

River SaaS Capital provides highly flexible venture debt financing for growing SaaS companies. Each investment we make begins with building a relationship with you and your team to not only understand the platform you’ve built but also your short- and long-term goals. Taking this partnership approach to SaaS lending ensures that we’re able to provide the most advantageous debt capital possible while also providing insights, resources, guidance, and support as you progress on your growth journey.


Easy Application Process

Our process is designed to grant access to capital faster than other SaaS funding options.


No Ownership Dilution

We do not require warrants or take an ownership position in your company.


Flexible Funding Structures

We offer alternatives such as interest only and step-up payments.


Long-Term, Relationship-Based Approach

We have the ability to provide additional financing over time (up to $4M of debt and/or equity to established borrowers).


No Exit Strategy Required

We do not require a strategy for your company to be acquired in order to qualify for debt financing.

Sign up to receive a free consultation with one of our SaaS financing specialists.

Success Story

Learn how Phil Dixon, CEO of Zynbit, received financing and expertise to grow their business from 5X to 10X.

“The River SaaS Capital partnership is strategic for us at this stage, helping ZynBit to manage scale, cash flow, and dilution.”


– Phil Dixon – CEO, ZynBit

“We appreciate their flexible structure and ability to invest with us over time.”



– Michael Anderson – CEO, Etail Solutions

“We have a long-standing relationship with the principals of River SaaS Capital and they understand our business and growth objectives wholly. They are not just capital providers, but our business partners who deliver flexible funding strategies and operational expertise.”

– Brian Smith – CEO, Banyan Technologies