What is Debt Financing

Insights on venture debt.

Why SaaS Customer Retention is More Important Than Ever

Retention is More Successful — and Less Expensive — Than Acquisition The cost to acquire new customers is exactly that: costly. Advertising, pay per click, social media marketing, and more all require budgets, and often, growing companies simply don’t have the resources to support those initiatives in their SaaS growth strategies. If they do, it …Read More

River SaaS Capital Invests in E-Commerce Software Provider Etail Solutions

Westlake, OH – River SaaS Capital, a private venture debt fund lending growth capital to Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, announced that it has provided non-dilutive capital to Etail Solutions, an e-commerce software partner for online retailers. Etail plans to use the proceeds to add key sales and marketing personnel and accelerate their market penetration. …Read More

How to Improve Your SaaS Conversion Rates

One of the most important SaaS growth strategies you should consider is identifying, understanding, and improving your conversion rate. At a high level, your SaaS conversion rate is a combination of a number of factors that include your sales and marketing efforts, your customer service, your brand and position, your competitors, and so on. These …Read More

Why You Need to Perfect Your SaaS Sales Funnel

What is a Sales Funnel and How Does It Work? A sales funnel is a common term for a process that companies take potential buyers through on their journey toward making a purchase. It can also be referred to as a revenue funnel or simply a sales process. While a sales funnel is technically a …Read More

SaaS Churn: What It Is and How to Resolve It

A lot of things can affect growth for young SaaS companies — the utility and functionality of your product, the performance and productivity of your team, shifts and trends in the market, new features and offerings from competitors, and more. Some of these influencers are internal and are things you can control. Others are external …Read More

Take Your Company Even Further with These SaaS Growth Strategies

Getting the first hundred customers — even just the first few! — to your SaaS business is exciting and critical to your future. But customer acquisition isn’t the only thing to focus on for growth. That’s why we’ve put together this breakdown of SaaS growth strategies — opportunities beyond customer acquisition for you as SaaS …Read More

How to Apply for Debt Financing

Identify the Right Lender and Submit Your Information Part of growing a SaaS company is raising capital. One of the best avenues for doing that is obtaining debt financing. Once you’ve researched venture debt financing providers and have chosen one, you might be wondering how to apply for debt financing. This part isn’t difficult. In …Read More

Researching Debt Financing Companies? Here’s What You Should Look For

Similarity of Purpose Doesn’t Mean Solidarity of Service Just because debt financing companies offer similar funding doesn’t mean their offerings, service, and support are the same. In fact, the differences can sometimes be as fundamentally drastic as debt financing vs. equity financing. You could say that venture debt financing companies share a common goal: helping …Read More

What Can You Do with Debt Financing?

The Possibilities Are Endless Growing a business requires capital, plain and simple. You need to invest in new products and processes, expand sales and marketing initiatives, pay vendors for services, and more. Despite the growth you see, these expenses can quickly catch up to or even overtake existing capital or revenue — but that doesn’t …Read More

Debt Financing vs. Equity Financing: Understanding the Key Differences

One Growing Company, Two Growth Choices Growing a software as a service business is no easy task. Regardless of your industry or geography, acquiring new customers, growing existing relationships, attracting top-performing talent, and managing the numerous administrative requirements of a business takes a great deal of effort from business owners and leaders. But the one …Read More