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Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful questions our potential clients are asking

Who Is River SaaS Capital?

Our management team has over 100 years of lending, credit, and operations experience. Along with our knowledge of and passion for technology, we have the precise blend of talent to help early stage technology companies grow their business.

What Types Of Companies Do We Fund?

Our financing model is best suited for software and technology based companies which market their products using the software-as-a-service model. These high-growth, high-margin markets will find our model is a better way to raise capital without giving up equity.

What Is Our Geographic Focus?

River SaaS Capital will provide financing to U.S. companies only, with a geographic emphasis on companies located in Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.

What Is Our Due Diligence Process Like?

Our process is detailed. It starts out with a list of comprehensive due diligence questions that focus on the Borrowers’ technology and product offering, the management team, and business plan. We review historical financial statements and compare the results to budget in those years. Additionally, we analyze the Borrowers’ current customer contracts to make certain they have 18-24 month subscription-based revenues which are spread over multiple customers. We evaluate the sales process and meet with company executives to verify their experience and ability to grow and scale a business.

How Much Funding Can A Company Receive?

Typical loans will range from $500,000 to $1,000,000.

How Does The Revolving Term Loan Work?

Once River SaaS Capital has completed its due diligence and determined a line of credit amount, the Borrower, on an as needed basis, can draw down on the line of credit on a quarterly basis. Each draw down will be structured as a separate 24 month term loan.

Can Borrowers Pay The Term Loan Off Early?

There is no incentive for the Borrower to pay the loan(s) off early, but they can do so plus a penalty.

Does River SaaS Capital Provide Any Additional Value Other Than Financing?

Our intention is to help our clients grow, and providing needed capital is only a piece of the process. Our team has years of experience in business development, operations and managing successful businesses. Our expertise will be made available to all of River SaaS Capital’s customers.

How Do We Handle Non-Performing Loans?

Should we encounter a non-performing loan we have in-house and external teams in place to determine the extent of the problem. We have the experience to resolve the problem and bring the company back to an operating state where the company can continue to service its debt or be acquired.

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